Onegini bringing enterprise data to your mobile Apps

Onegini empowers enterprises to safely implement and advance their mobile strategy. Onegini delivers an easy to use solution including all the security standards and monitoring tools so your mobile Apps can access your enterprise data. Mobile App developers can focus on the functionality and do not have to trouble themselves about security.

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Enterprise data in mobile Apps

Mobile Apps should be personalized. Your customers want to have an overview of their products and services, regardless of the channel they are using. Your customers can log in and access their personal information in a consistent and user-friendly way.

Push Authentication

Onegini offers a strong push authentication solution whereby users receive a push notification whenever required. The user only has to click on “Accept” and is then immediately logged in. Users do not have to install anything else because our Push Authentication is integrated within your own mobile App.

Mobile Login

Your customers do not want to start up a mobile App and enter a username and password each time they log in. Onegini offers a solution that is already widely used in the market. It makes it possible to log in using a PIN code instead of username and password on any mobile App.

DigiD on Mobile

With Onegini your users can log in safely using DigiD from their mobile device with, optionally, a PIN code. Your customers complete a one-time registration process and then have secure access to your services.

Secure Social Login

By the end of 2015, 50 percent of new customer identities will be based on social network identities, up from less than 5 percent today, according to Gartner. Onegini adds vital elements that are currently missing: identity validation and strong authentication. Onegini, therefore, offers a complete solution by combining security with social accounts such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Strong Authentication

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Enterprise Data

Enable transactions and enterprise data in your mobile Apps.