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With our fully customizable omni-channel CIAM solution you can:

  • Connect

    Get up close and personal with your customers online: easy login, frictionless ID and smooth self-service.

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  • Manage

    Secure and user-friendly management features with multi-factor authentication, delegated user management and custom onboarding processes.

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  • Engage

    Step into your customers' world and show off your added value with Internet of Things applications, secure transactions and messaging.

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Increase traffic like Univé does

Since the new app and web platform launched in the summer of 2017, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like that they can photograph their health bills and send them directly to Univé from their mobile phones. But they also have insight into their remaining co-payments and the status of their non-life claims. Even better, the app helps them locate a doctor for a second opinion, or a repair shop in their neighborhood. 

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Onegini provides a compelling solution for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Strengths include a versatile mobile SDK's, great selection of authenticators and strong security features.

Why Onegini Connect?

  • Increase your Net Promoter Score

  • Reduce support calls on accounts

  • Get more interactions with your customers

  • Over 200 customers

  • More than 45 million users

  • Active in 17 countries

  • Crossed 1 billion transactions

GDPR compliance made quick and easy

Onegini and Intermax have joined forces to offer you a quick and simple solution: Onegini Connect. This CIAM platform, hosted in a private cloud, offers banking-grade security, a frictionless user experience, and full GDPR compliance for all your apps and online portals.

  • GDPR-ready in record time
  • Automated security and performance testing
  • Automatic breach detection and resolution
  • Centralized DDOS prevention
  • ISO, NEM and ISAE certified
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Onegini Connect for developers

Create a mobile app or webapp with easy to use registration, authentication, engagement and management.