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Customer Case: Lower customer service costs like Univé does

Since the new app and web platform launched in the summer of 2017, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like the 'declare a note' functionality, actual insight to the status of their non-life claims and the single sign-on (SSO) connection with their health insurance. With Onegini Connect, Univ realised a safe & secure omni-channel onboarding process and login flow which resulted in a significant cost reduction for customer service and claim handling.

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Making online business easy and safe for you and for your customers

With our fully customizable omni-channel CIAM solution you can:

  • Connect

    Get up close and personal with your customers online: easy login, frictionless ID and smooth self-service.

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  • Manage

    Secure and user-friendly management features with multi-factor authentication, delegated user management and custom onboarding processes.

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  • Engage

    Step into your customers' world and show off your added value with Internet of Things applications, secure transactions and messaging.

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Why Onegini Connect?

  • Use Onboarding as a Service to bring offline customers online

  • Reduce your Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)

  • Choose a futureproof industry solution to minimize your burden

  • Over 25 customers and 200 labels

  • More than 45 million users

  • Focus on Europe

  • Less than 1 % customer churn

KuppingerCole Executive View

Onegini provides a compelling solution for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Strengths include a versatile mobile SDK's, great selection of authenticators and strong security features.

The challenges of digital transformation for insurance companies

Going digital allows insurance companies to save cost and gather valuable information about their customer base. These are invaluable benefits, but how do you ensure that your digital transformation is a success and hat does digital transformation entail for insurance companies? Download our whitepaper to find out. 


Webinar: How to leverage online chat in your favours?

As of today, enterprises are adopting new channels as chatbots to serve their customer base and handle customer jobs. But what about managing the digital identity over all those channels? Join the webinar to see what technology can offer you today!

16th of May

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Onegini Connect for developers

Create a mobile app or webapp with easy to use registration, authentication, engagement and management.