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Strong Partnerships

Onegini partners with best-of-breed technology companies to enhance the Onegini platform; with professional services companies to implement, operate, and support Onegini with the level of skill and professionalism that customers demand; and with cutting-edge design and development agencies to advance the building of apps that help enterprises embrace the digital opportunity.

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Samsung SDS
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Your partner for Secure Online Business

Onegini provides solutions for organisations to implement their e-business strategy securely and efficiently. These state of the art solutions follow the latest technology standards.

Onegini developed the first Secure Social Login solution for Aegon, a company in the financial services and insurance industry. By using a social account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) customers can login easily and securely.

Features Combined Security and Convenience

Unlock Personal Consumer Data

Mobile apps should be personalized. Your customers want to have an overview of their products and services, regardless of the channel they are using. Your customers can log in and access their personal information in a consistent and user-friendly way.

Easy Login

Onegini offers full control over all device enabled authenticators: e.g. PIN, fingerprint, or voice authentication. Easy login is also future proof and will support any future authenticators device manufacturers may come up with. 

Mobile Login

Nobody wants to start up a mobile app and enter a username / password each time they log in. Onegini offers a solution that makes it possible to log in using a PIN instead of username / password on any mobile app.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Onegini adds vital elements that are currently missing: identity validation and strong authentication.


Security built-in from the start

Our security is like an onion on all levels of the app or for all kinds of attacks we provide the right security measures. E.g. Tampering detection, Jailbreak/Root detection, Debug detection, Payload encryption (double encryption; application layer encryption on top of TLS/HTTPS).

Video  Watch Our Mobile Security Platform Video