Integrating external identities

Integrating external identities into your registration process can greatly improve your onboarding conversion. Onegini Connect offers seamless integration of public and social IDs.

Key points
  • Social logins made secure

    Permission-based access to social data

  • Most popular and public social IDs

    Public logins: DigiD, IDIN, itsme, DNIe, BankID, etc

Streamline your registration process

People expect ultimate simplicity when it comes to registration and login processes. Still, as a business you need to think about security and authentication. So how do you securely authenticate the user while offering the smoothest possible customer experience? Onegini Connect allows you to integrate the customer’s existing digital identities into your registration or login process while adding the security you need.

Seamless integration for public logins

Need to use a national eID for your service? Public IDs such as DigiD, BankID or itsme can be cumbersome and disrupt the customer experience. Not to mention the cost. That is why Onegini Connect offers seamless integration for public IDs. The customer only needs to use the full public ID once, after which he can choose to create a PIN code for future logins.


Social logins made secure

Many companies need their service to be secured, but don’t want their customers to have to remember yet another username and password. Onegini Connect allows your customers to use existing social media accounts like LinkedIn, Google or Facebook to login to your web applications or mobile apps with additional security. We use two types of additional security:

  • Multi-factor authentication: asking for personal details to confirm that you are who you say
  • Risk-based authentication: suspected identity fraud triggers a step-up method like SMS-codes, PIN or Push Authentication

Aegon login screenshot aegon mobile login idin screenshot

Permission-based access to social data

Your customer’s privacy is important to you, so you don't want to abuse their social account. At the same time, you want to be compliant with your company’s legal requirements, including the GDPR. With Onegini Connect, you can limit the information you gather from your customer’s social profile to collect only the social data you really need. At the front end, the software will tell the customer exactly what data you will access and why you need it, and ask for their consent.

Bring your own ID: the most popular IDs

Onegini Connect is compatible with all the most popular public and social IDs like IDIN, DigiD, BankID, It's me, Facebook.

Want to integrate external IDs?

If you’d like to integrate external identities into your apps and online platforms, we can help. Let us know what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to tell you about our solutions.

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