Frictionless self-service

Your helpdesk and customers aligned

Key points
  • Multi-factor authentication

    Customer Identification Technology

  • Customize step-ups

Self service requests can vary from changing an address to updating your phone number or changing your password. Don't overload your customers and helpdesk with calls about usernames and passwords. Your online environment should offer all the functionality your helpdesk is capable of.

Customize step-ups for self-service actions

Whether you’re looking for two-factor or multi-factor authentication, Onegini Connect offers a range of customizable options to meet your security requirements. You can also use different levels of security for different customer questions or requests. That way, you can minimize the impact of identification on the customer experience.

NS Login screenshot NS mobile login screenshot

Identifying your customers on the phone

Telephone helpdesks present a challenge to customer identification. How do you quickly and securely identify a customer when they call you? Most companies are still using a list of security questions to verify the customer’s identity. However, sometimes the answers are publicly available or easy to obtain. Moreover, call center agents asking these questions can be tricked, pressured or deceived by fraudsters. Naturally, this can be easier and safer. 

proof of identity - how it should go

Want to increase your helpdesk security?

If you’d like to increase your helpdesk security and improve the customer experience, we can help. Let us know what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to tell you about our solutions.