Privacy and GDPR

Privacy legislation around the world is getting stricter. The EU is a great example: with the introduction of the GDPR, consumers will benefit from more rights safeguarding their privacy and more control over their online data

Key points
  • GDPR assessment

    Planning a GDPR-compliant data strategy

Doing business in or with the EU

If you’re (planning on) doing business in or with the EU, your organization will have to comply with the latest European privacy legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislation aims to protect the personal data of your end users, including your customers and staff. It pays to takes this seriously, because if you are operating in Europe and are found to be in violation of this regulation, your organization will face stiff fines.

Basic GPDR requirements

The GDPR identifies four main pillars in its quest to protect user data:

  • Protection
    you must have solid security in place
  • Transparency
    you need to know where data is stored and how each element is being used, and communicate this clearly
  • Minimization

        you need to minimize the use of personal data in serving consumers

  • Free movement

        you need proper APIs to allow users to transfer their data to other companies

Privacy: a world of opportunities

While complying with data privacy regulations may seem like a drag, it also offers new opportunities. For example, introducing transparency and free movement will create a more equitable relationship with your customers. If handled well, with a smooth customer experience and the right tone of voice, this can bring you closer and increase customer loyalty.



Find out what the GDPR means for your company

To successfully prepare your company for GDPR compliance you will go through four stages. We have outlined some key questions to answer and actions to take at each stage

GDPR plan stages screenshot

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