The Internet of Things on a silver platter

The Internet of Things (IoT) can add unprecedented value for your organization and your customers. But the R&D investment and time to market can be prohibitive. Onegini Connect offers a marketplace stocked with pre-configured IoT applications, tested and ready to go.

Key points
  • Automated lifecycle management

    Managing IoT data

  • Pre-configured IoT integrations

What can the IoT do for me?

Now that consumers can readily compare and switch providers, staying relevant is more important than ever. The Internet of Things offers a range of ways for companies to add value, engage with customers, and set themselves apart through innovation and excellent service. But that is not all: the IoT also offers companies potential cost-savings through automation and personalization. What’s more, the data you collect will help you develop additional services to meet customer needs you never even knew existed.

Save time and money with pre-configured IoT integrations

Onegini Connect offers a marketplace stocked with vendors of IoT solutions. These solutions can be integrated into your app or online platform in a matter of days. And of course we will make sure all front-end interfaces have the exact look and feel of your brand. No lead time or R&D investment: you can start testing the application straight away and find out if it’s the right fit for your organization.

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Managing IoT data

Once your IoT solution is up and running, it will start to collect data about each user. Onegini Connect links this data to the relevant customer identity and facilitates data management, including GDPR-related functionalities such as data portability and the right to be forgotten. You can also export data for different user groups to identify wider customer trends.


Automate your customer lifecycle management

Onegini Connect allows you to automate customer lifecycle management for maximum efficiency. For example, if your customer no longer wants to use the IoT application, he can simply open his app or online account and select ‘stop using this feature.’ This will trigger a pre-programmed response on your end, so you might send a message to confirm the termination of this service, automatically adjust his monthly payments or send a return box for any connected devices to his home address.

Get ready for the Internet of Things

Onegini Connect can help you find and test relevant IoT solutions quickly and cheaply. If you tell us about your situation, we’d be happy to show what the Internet of Things can do for your organization. Contact us today to get started!


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