Secure messaging adds a personal dimension to your communication

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Getting personal with secure messaging

Consumers have an incredibly intimate relationship with their phone. Research has shown that the average consumer touches his or her phone 2,617 times a day. Push notifications allow you to send your customers personal, targeted and secure messages when it is relevant to them. Directly to their most personal possession. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and personal with your customers, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for personalized service and customer engagement. For example, as an insurance company you could use push notifications to warn customers of local burglary rates or other risky situations in their area.

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    Improve login experience
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    Get personal with your customers
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    Personal, targeted and secure messages


Users are notoriously impatient with login processes. So why not use their mobile devices to offer your customers the best possible login experience? Onegini Connect offers push authentication through your own mobile app as second factor authentication for the web environment. Users do not need to install any additional tools. This works with any login method used by the customer, from username / password to DigiD.

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Getting personal with Conversational Commerce