Secure transactions that work for your users

Online transactions usually require high levels of security and authentication, but with every security requirement you add risk losing more customers. So how do you achieve maximum security for your transactions with minimum disruption to the buyer? Onegini Connect has the answer.

Key points
  • Bank-level security

    Transaction signing

  • User-friendly authentication

Banking-level security whenever you need it

With Onegini Connect, you have full control of your security requirements. You can choose to keep things low-key while the customer is still deciding and ramp up security levels when he’s ready for the transaction. You can crank it all the way up to banking-grade if you need to facilitate secure payments or you need to exchange confidential information.

Transaction signing

During your transaction, you want to be sure of two things:

  1. The identity of the customer
  2. The customer’s approval for the transaction

Onegini Connect allows you to securely verify the customer’s identity using your own app or our authenticator tool. Once the customer has decided to go ahead with the transaction, Onegini Connect will send an automated push notification asking the customer for confirmation. You are free to choose the type of verification you require for each transaction, from a password or PIN code to a fingerprint. Once the customer has confirmed, Onegini Connect logs this event for future reference and GDPR compliance.

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User-friendly authentication

Onegini Connect offers a range of authentication and confirmation methods to choose from. One thing they all have in common is their user-friendly design: minimum hassle for maximum effect. Customers no longer need to have their authenticator token on them at all times or remember a randomly generated username and password. Our push notifications respect user privacy and take just seconds to complete, unlike logins or security questions.

Onegini Connect can help get the appropriate level of security for every transaction

If you tell us about your transactions, we’d be happy to show you how Onegini Connect can secure them.