Optimize your onboarding processes

Key points
  • Multiple onboarding flows

    Designing the right onboarding process

  • B2B onboarding

    Progressive profiling for maximum conversion

Getting your customers online is the first step to improving customer insights and customer relationships. But how do you manage the onboarding process? Onegini Connect lets you create the right flow with the best customer experience.

Minimize dropouts with multiple onboarding flows

Your onboarding process must be in line with the needs of the end user. Irrelevant questions or a complex sign-up process may cause users to give up halfway. That is why Onegini Connect allows you to differentiate between different types of end users. With Onegini Connect, you can manage multiple onboarding flows at the same time. That way, you can create the right onboarding experience for each group and minimize dropouts.


Designing the right onboarding process

Which onboarding process will work best for your organization depends on many factors. Onegini Connect gives you the flexibility to adapt your onboarding process as you see fit and change what isn’t working along the way. Can’t decide whether to go with IDIN, BankID or DigiD? With Onegini Connect, you can try them all. On top of that, Onegini has the industry insight and local experience to help you determine the right onboarding flow for your customer. Our professional services experts are happy to help!

onboarding flow Onegini Connect screenshot

Maximize conversion with progressive profiling

Onboarding processes will typically see a significant number of dropouts. This is because customers are fed up with long registration processes. On top of that, they are increasingly reluctant to share their personal data. So how do you minimize the barrier to entry while providing appropriate security at every step? Progressive profiling lets you build your customer profile over time by asking for each piece of data when you need it rather than all at once upon registration. This allows you to gradually pull the customer in and increase his level of security along the way.

By gradually finding out more about your clients, you can start anticipating their needs and providing more personalized service or offers.

Real-time dashboard for statistics, reporting and flow analyses

Struggling with the monthly reports for the board and business unit directors? Collecting, analyzing and reporting certain data can take a lot of time of your web analysts. Our real-time insights module provides real time statistics about the performance of your registration and login flows. Reports can be created automatically which enables you to focus on the outcomes instead of the process itself.

insights on ipad

B2B onboarding 

Aside from new and existing customers, you may also want to onboard employees, prospective customers, suppliers or intermediaries. By bringing your business relationships online you will be able to streamline your cooperation, for example by automating your order processes or pushing updated information to sales agents.

Smooth migration for new and existing customers

Migrating new and existing customer accounts to Onegini Connect is smooth and simple. Users won't even notice they migrated to a new system. Onegini Connect offers various options, including:

  • Just In Time migration
  • Custom migration
  • Automated migration

All of these solutions are designed to provide a frictionless experience for your customers. 


Optimize your customer registration process

Want to find out how you can optimize your customer registration process for the best conversion and customer experience? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to show you our user-friendly solutions.