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Why effective onboarding matters

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  • iconWhy registration and login matters
  • iconBring existing customers online
  • iconMaximize conversion with progressive profiling
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Why registration and login matters

By bringing your customers online in an easy and safe fashion you can:

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    Effectively showcase the added value of your app or platform
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    Make it easy and enjoyable for your customers or agents to connect with you
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    Trigger offline customers with a secure QR code
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    Provide omnichannel access at the customer’s convenience

Maximize conversion with progressive profiling

Customers are fed up with long registration processes. On top of that, they’re increasingly reluctant to share their personal data. So how do you minimize the barrier to entry while providing appropriate security at every step? Progressive profiling lets you build your customer profile over time by asking for each piece of data when you need it rather than all at once upon registration. This allows you to gradually pull the customer in and increase his level of security along the way.


You need to bring an offline customer online. In IT-speak, we call this "onboarding". Onegini Connect offers accessible and secure onboarding methods for any customer group. For example, you can invite customers to sign up for your app or web platform using an existing external identity. You can choose to use social accounts (Facebook, Google), public eID such as IDIN or DigiD (health insurance), or take them to their new account with a personalized QR code. For customers who are 100 % digital only, we also provide passport & ID scan technology to implement in your digital sign-up process.

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Customer frustration with onboarding processes and logins can lead to dropouts. Users have come to expect easy access to their data in a convenient way. One-factor solutions like passwords don't work so well on mobile devices. Passwords are a hassle and often insecure. Data breaches are growing exponentially, while hacking tools are becoming cheaper, increasing your costs. Move to Onegini Connect and when you and the world are ready for it, you can provide access to your data with the touch of a fingerprint, push message, pincode or faceprint. In the meantime, you can provide expert users with two-factor authentication (2FA). In the end, with Onegini Connect you can offer the same functionality that large and innovative consumer banks offer without the need to set up a large security team for support.


From registration to onboarding management

Getting your customers online is the first step to foster your customer relationship. But how do you manage the onboarding flows and improve flows when results are not satisfying? We have plenty of knowledge and real-time insights available for your company to get your stakeholders happy.


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