Optimix - Simple and flowless mobile performance

Faultless mobile operation based on trusted security

“I’ve never experienced the Onegini module missing a beat in production, and I’m truly satisfied  about that.”
Matthijs van der Hoek, Manager IT Operations at Optimix

Optimix is a mid-sized wealth manager that distinguishes itself through its inspired asset allocation across a wide bandwidth of assets, always striving to create the optimal asset mix for its customers. Based on almost four decades of trust gained from the personal ties with its customers, Optimix wanted its new mobile app to run faultlessly in a highly secure architecture.

The share of Optimix customers serviced fully digitally has risen to 70% in the past few years, with 80% of new customers choosing digital service. The number of Optimix app installs is approaching 1,000, while the number of daily queries has seen a sharp rise going into 2020.Optimix_logo


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