About Aegon

Aegon is one of the world's leading financial services organizations, providing life insurance, pensions and asset management. A public listed company, Aegon has A-level ratings from the three main credit rating agencies.

Why a customer portal?

Raising awareness and making information quick and easy to access for customers is an important element of Aegon's mission to help people take responsibility for their financial future. Developing a web portal enables customers to easily access their products and data from one single source.

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Onegini Solution

  • Single customer portal serving 4 Aegon divisions: banking, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and pension plans offering a uniform customer exprience.
The Onegini Consumer Identity Solution offered out-of-the-box security features:
  • Username/password login.
  • Social login (Bring Your ID).
  • Fast onboarding.
  • Self service (change username/password, add social, change PIN, disconnect devices, etc).
  • Direct registration.
  • Easy account reset.
As a result the following business features became available to Aegon customers using the Aegon website resulting in more customer engagement: 
  • Product overview.
  • Balance information and money transfer.
  • Claim filing.
  • Pension planner.
  • And more...

Decision criteria

  • Transparency, Aegon believes customers need to be able to have an overview and insight into their data 24x7x365 any time, anywhere on any device.
  • Ensuring business continuity by transforming from an offine player to an online player.
  • A way to offer customers additional products and services.
  • Integration with web single sign on by IBM.
  • Easy access to products and services for Aegon customers. 

Quantitative benefits

    • Year 1: > 40% growth of online customers. (conversion offline to online customers)
    • Year 2: > 65% growth of online customers. (conversion offline to online customers)

Qualitative benefits

  • First worldwide savings bank where you can log in using Social Networks (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) + pin code, Aegon security level approved by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). 
  • Aegon risk analysis approved by De Nederlansche Bank (DNB) - an activation code may only be sent to properly confirmed email addresses.
  • 1 login button instead of 4 (1 per division) in short a Single Sign-On solution.
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