Unburden your customers 'end to end' with Identity Management

Introduction to iDIN

iDIN is an identity scheme of the Dutch banks, which allows users to log in to other web applications using their bank credentials. Due to stricter laws and regulations, it is increasingly important for companies and institutions to be able to determine the exact identity of online customers and users. With iDIN, a customer can confirm his identity because he has already legitimized himself when opening a bank account.

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    Onegini as a DISP
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    How does iDIN work
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    The business case of iDIN
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    Why starting with using iDIN now

Onegini as a DISP

iDIN is expected to grow the coming years. Since 2020, Onegini is a DISP. This means that we can further unburden our customers 'end to end' with all digital identity matters because we can act as a contracting party. iDIN is a great addition to Onegini Identity Cloud, which includes a range of public eIDs like DigiD, E-Herkenning, EiDAS, ITSME, Google, Facebook, but also services like username & password and two-factor authentication. Onegini's strength lies not only in providing this software, but also in helping to create a perfect customer journey that fits within the applicable laws and regulations. With the aim of helping our customers with the digitization, they want to make.


  • Insurance
    Faster and more effective alternative than onboarding via activation letter

  • Wealth management
    Secure identification without KYC controls at the office

  • Pension
    Offers customer an alternative to DigiD that is cheaper in the long run

  • Other non-regulated industries
    Fast and safe onboarding at a high level

Use Case


Many insurers are moving their offering to a digital platforms. They deal with millions of offline customers and feel the need to digitize their customer base.

Sending a letter with an activation code to activate people, however, turns out not to be efficient: going online requires a lot of actions and takes multiple days. Only 30% of customers, or even less, end up successfully registering online. The NPS is low and costs are high.

iDIN has proven to be an attractive solution for the digital registration: The level of trust is high and customers are registered immediately. It is also preferred by customers: in 75% of the cases, they choose iDIN instead of a letter. Customers who use iDIN for their onboarding, are more satisfied than customers who use alternative identification methods.   

And don't forget the costs. The costs of a letter are 10 times as high as the costs of an iDIN call.

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    Only 30 % of the sent activation letters will convert to a digital user
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    75 % of the customers prefer using iDIN instead of letter activation
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    Onboarding via iDIN will take 5 minutes, onboarding via a letter 5 days
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    The costs of a letter are 10 times as high as the costs of an iDIN call
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How does it functionally work?

By using iDIN, the user will be reusing their existing bank credentials to log in to multiple web applications. iDIN offers an identity which is verified by the bank and thereby can be trusted. This also includes information about the user such as their gender, age and address. In some cases, their phone number and e-mail address are also available.

Why starting with using iDIN now?

  • Security and compliance: Minimize the chance of fraud and digital identity theft

  • Security and compliance: Minimize the chance of fraud and digital identity theft

  • Data: Make your CRM more reliable and leverage the data of the Dutch Banks

  • Speed & Conversion: Optimise your customer journey and unburden your customers with digital onboarding in just a few minutes. 

  • Costs: Realize cost savings in your customer onboarding process and stimulate online self-service

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