Webinar DELEGATED administration for business partners

Get started with your intermediaries

With GDPR and compliance being a popular topic on the boardroom table, the timing is just right for our latest feature: Delegated User Management. 

Using this new add-on available for the Onegini Customer Identity and Access Management platform, our insurance customers can benefit from a safer and more secure way to manage their intermediaries. This portal enables insurance companies to safely share policies and contract information in a compliant way.

Tired of managing user accounts? Wouldn't it be great if you could hand over this task to a trusted contact in each of your global offices?

Just 1 password and 1 login for all of your intermediaries? Then Delegated User Management is the answer for you.

With single sign-on capability and a full overview of groups and users, you stay in control of what is shared and to whom. Intermediaries receive digital passports to manage their advisors themselves, giving you back that most precious commodity: your time. 

In this short webinar will discuss: 

  • Getting started with intermediaries the right way
  • How DUM can improve your intermediary collaboration and keep you GDPR-compliant
  • A product demonstration 

Onegini can help you achieve compliant and secure intermediary management in record time. Join us for this informative and worthwhile opportunity. 

Watch the recording of the webinar