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The value of CIAM for your online business

Over the last 10 years, many organizations have developed multiple portals, both within the consumer and the business domain to have an online presence. Sometimes reinforced by mobile applications. Most portals were homegrown solutions. Maintenance was on-premise and security, access management & digital identity lifecycle management was included in all these different portals.
As a result of this process, further development became more costly and time-consuming, both from a business perspective as well as from a security perspective since both complex disciplines became more and more intertwined during the time. Download the brochure and discover how a CIAM solution resolves these issues.

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The Onegini difference

  • A fully configurable solution to guarantee a fast time to market

  • Omnichannel identity & access : web, mobile, email, chat and customer service

  • Proven B2C & B2B use cases with optimised customer flows to maximise UX

  • Identity proofing & out-of-the-box integration with many e-identity providers

  • A growing platform. Currently over 40 customers and 200 labels

  • A truly European vendor which passed all the security and compliancy checkmarks: ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 1

Onegini mentioned as a CIAM Specialist in Gartners report

By 2022, CIAM will be a key component of a competitive UX strategy by 85% of organizations. Avoid wasting additional resources in developing CIAM capabilities that vendors can offer out of the box by choosing CIAM solutions that provide strong core capabilities to address most of their business requirements. Consider a CIAM Specialist when you are looking for offer out-of-band (OOB) authentication via SMS, one-time-password (OTP) apps for smartphones and stronger capabilities for Bring Your Own Identities.
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Migrating from Digitaal Paspoort to eHerkenning

Digitaal Paspoort to gain access to extranets from insurers or service providers is being phased out. eHerkenning is the new standard. Due to the integration of eHerkenning within Onegini, it is not only possible to log in with eHerkenning. Businesses are also given the opportunity to perform delegated user management and authorization.
Onegini deliver a fully integrated end-to-end solution that allows insurers to communicate quickly and securely with its intermediaries and corporate clients.

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Kuppingercole report: Onegini executive view

John Tolbert - Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole:
"Onegini provides a compelling no-code cloud-delivered solution for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and B2B IAM."
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