Onegini’s ongoing growth is backed by the following investors:

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    The Hatch Firm
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About Walvis

The J.A. Fentener van Vlissingen family founded Walvis in 2012. Walvis is a fast-growing venture capitalist, that invests in Dutch internet technology scale-ups with international ambitions. With a clear focus on Commerce, Enterprise and FinTech, Walvis helps Dutch internet companies to grow into future world players.

Walvis Denis Ronald


The Hatch Firm from Amsterdam is a hands-on Dutch investment fund that consists of entrepreneurs who not only invest capital, but also their network and knowledge for the benefit of the participants.


About InnovationQuarter

InnovationQuarter is South-Holland’s regional development organization. InnovationQuarter invests in innovative companies active in the province with growth ambitions, assists international businesses with establishing themselves in the province, and organizes collaboration between businesses, knowledge centers, and the government. As a lifecycle investor, InnovationQuarter provides capital to companies in different stages of growth.

Innovation Quarter

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