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Personal and innovative service

Service innovation is the best way to set yourself apart in the banking sector, with banks racing to add value for customers by personalizing their online banking experience in innovative ways.


Customers expect a seamless experience when engaging with banking companies, particularly in their mobile apps. Can you offer a robust, integrated, and easy-to-use-secure authentication solution?


Your customers expect the smoothest online banking experience. Omni-channel login, easy online identification, frictionless transactions, you name it. Tier 2 banking companies have to invest in IT to keep up with the market and resolve legacy IT systems, but don’t always have the resources to do so.


Online banking can be sensitive to hackers who could steal customer details and transfer money illegally. The growth of e-commerce provides a chance for fraudsters to misuse payment networks and steal sensitive information.


During your customer onboarding and transactions, you want to be sure of two things: the identity of the customer and the customer’s approval of the action. But how do you make sure your customers are who they say they are?


The banking sector is subject to a lot of legislation and regulations, such as PSD2 & GDPR. How do you make sure you stay up to date and compliant with ever-changing legislation in your industry?


Customer-centricity is the key to success. However, a lot of Tier 2 banks struggle to onboard their customers. With a simple and user-friendly onboarding process, you can reduce drop-outs by 40%.


Many banks still have a Know Your Customer process with several (manual) steps. Requesting static data, uploading copies of identification, credit checks and a verification payment for derived identification. How do you make this process scalable, less expensive and customer friendly?

The advantages

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    Extensive fintech experience
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    Short time-to-market
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    Lower cost for service
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    Compliant and future-proof
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    Customizable modules
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    Seamless digital identity across all channels

How do we solve it?

Your customers expect the smoothest possible online banking experience. Omni-channel login, easy online identification, frictionless transactions… you name it. With Onegini Identity Cloud, you can offer a fully customized online banking experience to rival giants like ING. Without the massive IT department or development cost. But that is not all. Onegini Identity Cloud also allows you to innovate and develop new, meaningful features and services for your customers. That way, they’ll never want to leave your side!

Features and functionality

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    Digital Onboardingicon
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    Fully configurable level of assurance
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    All device security (jailbreak, root & debug detection, prevention of tampering & code lifting)
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    Transaction signing functionality
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    Extensive fraud prevention
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    Full support for web, mobile, support & conversational platforms

The need for strong authentication

Many companies struggle to implement 2FA or MFA because most solutions currently on the market were not designed for use by consumers. They are not user-friendly, do not let you customize the look and feel to fit in with your brand identity, and are expensive to use at scale. This makes them unsuitable for use by universities, health insurance companies, or financial applications. Onegini Identity Cloud takes a different approach.

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Enabling secure mobility to gain a competitive edge

The use of mobile apps to engage with customers continues to increase rapidly in sheer volume. Forward-looking companies embrace mobile strategies to realize digital transformation and reap the benefits of the apps they deploy. These apps often integrate new, mobile-specific data and authorization types that require back-end support. Find out how Onegini achieves this.  

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    Protecting customer personal data
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    Create the best user experience
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    Deliver fast and secure
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    Feature list

Hof Hoorneman Bank


Optimix is a mid-sized wealth manager that distinguishes itself through its inspired asset allocation across a wide bandwidth of assets, always striving to create the optimal asset mix for its customers. Based on almost four decades of trust gained from the personal ties with its customers, Optimix wanted its new mobile app to run faultlessly in a highly secure architecture.
The share of Optimix customers serviced fully digitally has risen to 70% in the past few years, with 80% of new customers choosing digital service. The number of Optimix app installs is approaching 1,000, while the number of daily queries has seen a sharp rise going into 2020.

Van Lanschot

For more than 275 years, Van Lanschot has been working to add value for its clients. So when they turned their efforts to digital transformation, they needed better-than-bank-level security and all the trust and transparency their clients expect. Onegini helped them create a secure foundation.

“Onegini helped lower the barrier to connect with our clients.”
Bas Rapati,
Manager Digital Banking at Van Lanschot


Together with Onegini, Minox is offering the first PSD2-compliant way for entrepreneurs to accelerate their administration. Download the full Bizcuit Customer Case.

“The Onegini solution was already PSD2 compliant.”
Hessel Kuik
CEO of Minox

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