Onegini Identity Cloud Fundamentals

API's & Integrations

To offer maximum benefit to your organization, Onegini Identity Cloud must interact seamlessly with your internal systems as well as with relevant external applications. We have developed a range of customizable API's to achieve the smoothest possible integration. For the communication between the service called up by the API and Onegini IDP, we use REST.

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    Dedicated API's for major functionality of Onegini Identity Cloud
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    30+ pre-built integrations
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    Fully serviced for your convenience


The Onegini Identity Cloud APIs are fully documented and maintained by our team of experts. Moreover, they are updated after every release, including examples or requests and actions. In case you prefer to keep all or some of the management in-house, we also provide extensive documentation including release notes and upgrade instructions.


We have developed dedicated APIs to help you deal with:

  • Persons (users) 
    This API includes typical identity management actions such as creating a user account, resetting passwords or triggering a reset, deleting or blocking a user, and creating a link with an external IDP.
  • Verification of credentials 
    This API helps you validate the login credentials of a user against their details in your database.
  • Statistics
    This includes vital statistics about the adoption and use of your online platform, such as how many users signed up, how many invitations are still pending, and how many persons logged in or did not log in over the past year.
  • Events
    Describes the API operations for events.
  • Clients
    This allows the creation of new API clients via a REST API.  
  • Web clients
    This allows the creation of new API web clients via a REST API.

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Pre-built integrations

Onegini has pre-built integrations with third-party business apps that you use daily.

  • API and EBS layers
    Onegini Identity Cloud can open up your API's to your agents and customers in a secure and user-friendly way. API security is not simply a case of securing an HTTP endpoint. The entire journey, from the web or mobile device to the API should be secured with provisions for auditing and non-repudiation throughout.

  • Authenticators
    With our Onegini Identity Cloud custom authenticator feature, we've created many integrations and partnerships with biometric technology providers, so you can provide the features of iPhone X to all your Android and iOS customers.

  • Core banking systems
    Onegini integrates with various systems targeted at the banking industry to provide complete solutions you can count on.

  • Identity proofing
    Verify a passport by scanning or have an officer validate your customer through video conferencing for safe and completely validated onboarding. With identity proofing, you can take matters into your own hands instead of relying on external identity providers like IDIN and DigiD.

  • External identities
    Integrating external identities into your registration process can greatly improve your onboarding conversion. Onegini Identity Cloud offers seamless integration of public and social IDs. Need to use a national eID for your service? Onegini Identity Cloud offers seamless integration for public IDs.

  • Insurance
    Onegini integrates with various systems targeted at the insurance industry.

  • Mobile app development platforms
    Don't change your mobile development infrastructure and setup, because you need proper security. Onegini integrates with the way you like to develop mobile apps.

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