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Business activity, customer interactions, and transactions are rapidly moving to a range of online channels including web, mobile, and social platforms. All of these channels must be developed to the highest standard of user-friendliness and security.


 It’s important to get your customers online, but often struggle to achieve this. They typically focus on all the activities customers can do once they have an account, overlooking the process of getting a customer to create an account and start using it, also known as onboarding.


Insurance companies have to invest in IT to keep up with the market and resolve legacy IT systems. This will increase transparency and help facilitate compliance, among other things.


Market-specific regulations like the Pensions Act and Solvency II – as well as more general legislation such as the GDPR – are adding to the challenges of compliance.


Insurance companies are struggling due to Legacy IT systems with setting up new products & propositions fast to measure and learn about product market fit. How can you set up new product labels, to interact digitally with your customers in 4 weeks?


The high penetration of smartphones, combined with the demand for personalized financial services will boost the need for a robust, integrated, and easy-to-use-secure authentication solution. Customers expect a seamless experience when engaging with insurance companies, particularly in their mobile apps.


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    Industry-specific templates
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    Short time-to-market
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    Save on service costs
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    Compliant and future-proof
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    Up-to-date golden record
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    Seamless digital identity across all channels

How do we solve it?

Onegini has a lot to offer the insurance industry, from future-proofing business models to facilitating GDPR compliance. With numerous large insurance providers among its clients, Onegini has the industry insight to help you maximize the benefits of CIAM for your organization.

Features and functionality

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    Digital Onboarding
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    Out-of-the-box integration with iDIN, DigiD and many other eIDs
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    Fully configurable level of assurance
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    Full support for agents and intermediaries
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    Full support for web, mobile, support & conversational platforms
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    Multi-brand – serve multiple labels from one platform

Out of the box integration with external identity providers such as iDIN, Eherkenning, DigiD or itsme

In this whitepaper, we compare the digital identities that the Dutch market has to offer. We also show how the best practices for your customers, business clients, and advisors can be realized.

DISP idin paper mockup

CIAM for B2B

Compliance meets convenience: Managing how data is shared with your intermediaries is more important than ever before. We developed our Delegated Administration for Business Partners feature with the insurance company in mind, putting compliance at the forefront. Find out how Delegated Administration for Business Partners can give you back the precious commodity of time. 

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    Delegating responsibility with simplicity
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    How does Delegated Administration for Business Partners work?
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    Ensuring compliance with piece of mind
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    Meeting modern customer demands
Delegated administration for business partners example


Complete customer-centricity is easier when you start from scratch. In every phase of the new VGZ mobile app – from project initiation to migration to new product offerings – the customer came first. The result blew targets away and is a major hit among customers.

“Onegini worked closely with us to develop the right solutions.”
Hugo te Kaat,
Innovation Architect at VGZ


Since the new app and web platform launched in the summer of 2017, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like that they can photograph their health bills and send them directly to Univé from their mobile phones. But they also have insight into their remaining co-payments and the status of their non-life claims. Even better, the app helps them locate a doctor for a second opinion, or a repair shop in their neighborhood. “While there’s still some work to do to fully optimize the Univé platforms, we’ve established a very strong baseline for further development.”


Simplifying Baloises authentication process while also providing single sign-on for our brokers.
Download the customer case and find out how Onegini Identity Cloud enabled Baloise to achieve digital excellence.

Download our insurance whitepaper

How insurance companies should transform to connect to their customers