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Digital Insurance Agenda in a nutshell

The insurance industry in 2020 will look very different from what it is today. The winning insurance firms of the future will be those that leverage the most innovative fintech solutions to accelerate their digital strategy.

DIA is dedicated to accelerating the crucial innovation of the insurance industry. DIA is the biggest global conference offering a rare opportunity to see more than 50 of the world's most innovative new technology providers that will disrupt the insurance industry live in action.

Meet Onegini if you want to accelerate customer onboarding

Onegini is one of the leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) vendors that allows enterprises to connect, manage, and engage with their customers while providing top-notch security and a great customer experience. Onegini transformed more than 100 financials into digital players by getting their customers online and engaged. 

With a true omnichannel solution, Onegini is the best CIAM platform for Finance.

Do you want to schedule a meeting with us or do you want to attend the conference? Give us a shout. Often we offer free tickets or against a discounted rate.

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