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Pension organizations are under pressure from different sides: society is aging, people are taking a different approach to work and pensions, and modern consumers are increasingly expecting financial service providers. Pensions are splintering and implementation costs are rising. Due to falling confidence, transparency is more important than ever. Onegini Idenityt Cloud has the solution.


Pension funds are always under pressure to reduce overhead costs to maximize pension value. Getting your customers online can significantly reduce your service and communication costs.


The pension industry struggles with communicating with their clients, members and employees on a personal level. With more personalized communication you can comply with regulation and give more insights and transparency.


By nature, the pension sector has a lot of elderly and dormant customers. How can you onboard and engage these customers?

B2B → B2B2C

The pension industry is becoming more individualistic and more participant-centered. How do you deal with this shift away from a B2B focus?


The pension sector has to deal with a lot of legislation and regulations such as the Dutch Digital Government Act (Wet Digitale Overheid), the Dutch Pensions Act (Pensioenwet), and GDPR. How do you make sure you stay up to date and compliant with ever-changing legislation?


Pension participants are increasingly responsible for their own pension choices. As a pension organization, you must educate and advise them so that they can make informed decisions. But every situation is different. How do you offer personalized support?


Clients in the pension sector are increasingly expecting web, mobile, and chat support, but not all pension funds are equipped to meet these expectations.


Pension funds are vulnerable to data leaks, hackers, and fraudulent logins. How do you protect your organization and customers and keep full control of your digital identities?

The advantages

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    Modern online communication & services
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    Seamless digital identity across all channels
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    Lower overhead cost
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    Compliant and future-proof
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    Personalized participant support

How do we solve it?

Onegini has a lot to offer the pension industry, from future-proofing business models, improved (omni-channel) communication, to complying with WDO and other legislation. With a tailored solution for the pension industry, Onegini delivers additional value to help you maximize the benefits of CIAM to reach the digital goals of your organization.

Features and functionality

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    Omni-channel (web, mobile & chat)
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    Frictionless integration with any eID, such as DigiD
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    CIAM for B2B
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    Full support for agents, third parties and employers
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    Extensive fraud prevention

CIAM FOR B2B: get started with employers

Tired of managing user accounts? Wouldn't it be great if you could hand over this task to a trusted contact in each of your business partners? Just 1 password and 1 login for all of your employers? Then Delegated Administration for Business Partners is the answer for you.
Onegini's new policy management software lets the pension company hand over simple user-account management tasks to employers while staying in control of the data they view through the Onegini dashboard. 

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    Give your partners freedom while staying in control
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    Manage your distribution network
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    Limits access, data visibility, and minimizes risk
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    Customize your interface
Delegated user management mockup-1

Expert opinion by SIVI & Onegini: How to authenticate in the pension industry

In this webinar, SIVI and Onegini address authentication solutions for the pension industry. Robin Oostrum of SIVI outlines the solutions for the B2C and B2B markets. Onegini's Mathijs Brand demonstrates how Onegini minimizes the customer’s burden by providing an omnichannel solution to onboard their users in a frictionless way, rather than limiting users to one authentication method. And yes, he will also address whether iDIN can fully replace username and password!  

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    Solutions for the B2C domain
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    Solutions for the B2B domain
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    What requirements have to be met?
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    SIVI agenda

Hof Hoorneman Bank


Since the new app and web platform launched in the summer of 2017, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like that they can photograph their health bills and send them directly to Univé from their mobile phones. But they also have insight into their remaining co-payments and the status of their non-life claims. Even better, the app helps them locate a doctor for a second opinion, or a repair shop in their neighborhood. “While there’s still some work to do to fully optimize the Univé platforms, we’ve established a very strong baseline for further development.”

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