Onegini Identity Cloud - Core Features

Identity Management

Identity management is becoming increasingly important for any financial services provider operating online. After all, your clients have come to expect secure online services, accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world. To ensure that you can deliver a truly secure product and minimize the risk of fraud, especially when dealing with highly sensitive content like financial information, you must know exactly who you are dealing with at all times. With online risks becoming ever more complex, a simple online user account is no longer enough. That is where Onegini Identity Cloud comes in.

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    Know Your Customer (KYC)
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    Identity Proofing
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    Digital identity lifecycle management
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    Bring your own identity (IDP's) such as iDIN & itsme

Frictionless KYC compliance

Everyone in the financial services sector appreciates the importance of Know Your Customer regulations. There should be no doubt about the veracity of a customer’s identity: it simply must be trustworthy. However, in the past the verification, identification and authentication of online customers often created obstacles for client engagement. The registration process typically used a complex mix of online and offline channels (e.g. sign up for an account online then wait for a letter with a verification code, etc.), resulting in a slow and frustrating customer experience. But KYC doesn’t have to be a hurdle: with Onegini Identity Cloud, you can offer frictionless client onboarding and hassle-free customer verification while complying with all the relevant regulatory requirements.

Identity proofing

Onegini Identity Cloud offers you a range of ways to verify and authenticate the real-world identity of each online user. Depending on your requirements, you can use them separately or layer them one on top of another to increase the level of assurance. Options include knowledge-based user attributes, document verification, wallet-based factors, biometrics and ID verification. On top of that, Onegini Identity Cloud allows you to integrate external identity providers into your registration process, including social IDs and national eIDs such as iDIN, Eherkenning, DigiD or itsme. This allows users to verify their identity without any external input, creating a smooth yet highly secure validation process. After the user has completed the identity proofing process of your own design, your organization can be certain that this person’s identity is unique, correct and accurate. Of course, our team is happy to advise you on best practices for identity proofing in the financial services sector.

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Digital identities facilitate cross-channel service

Onegini Identity Cloud goes beyond simply creating a user account. Instead, it is based on the concept of digital identities. As each user registers, they create a portable digital identity to which all of their information is linked. This includes information to identify and authenticate them when they sign in, but also other relevant data about the client such as trusted devices, accounts, email address and connected eID’s. Because of the portable nature of their digital identity, your client can contact you and be identified and authenticated on any channel you offer, enabling your employees and customers a frictionless and fully traceable online experience.

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