Passwordless Login

Stringent regulations and the growing pressure of data security compliances are driving the demand for multifactor authentication (MFA) market. Security and risk management leaders must balance user experience against proven effectiveness and ease of implementation.
Customers find passwords hard to remember and increasing password length and complexity and forcing periodic password changes exacerbates people’s frustration. This produces cost overhead, as forgotten passwords can generate a significant volume of service desk or contact center calls.
User Experience is an increasingly heavily weighted selection criterion for new solutions, driving the adoption of passwordless authentication. Onegini Passwordless Login fits all these needs.

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    Better User Experience
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    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
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    Out of the box banking grade security
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    Live within 4 weeks

Introduction to Passwordless Login

The app is ready to go and requires low effort for both developers as well as the end users. Onegini's Passwordless Login is branded in your company styling/colors. The user experience is very intuitive and fluent and in all flows of the app is error handling included. Onegini's Passwordless Login supports App2Web technology, enabling your users to continue their journey as a logged-in user in responsive web pages. Onegini's Passwordless Login is built upon the Onegini Mobile Security (SDK), so your organization will be unburdened with out of the box security:
- App integrity protection
- Device integrity protection
- Secure server communication
- Secure user authentication
No employees for maintenance are necessary since Onegini will service our technology as a SaaS. Hence, organizations don't have to worry about all Android, iOS updates or the many new device updates with Onegini's Passwordless Login.

Out of the box supported flows

  • Registration: QR code scanning, Choose PIN and Biometrics

  • Login to app with PIN or Biometrics

  • Authentication: Mobile Login with QR, Push Message to confirm login on web

  • App2Web support to guarantee Single Sign On access

  • Support for Notifications and Transaction Approval

  • Over 40 screens with Self Service flows and Error Handling

Branding in your corporate look & feel

Research shows that consumers or business partners don’t want to use 3rd party authenticators to login to online Portals or mobile Apps. With Onegini's Passwordless Login, colors, logos and images can be styled to fit customer branding. 

authenticator color

Full support for notifications and transactions approval

Nothing is more annoying than bad usability.  With Onegini's Passwordless Login, your users no longer have to manually copy SMS codes. Full support is available in enabling push notification functionality which will notify your users when they have to approve a confirmation. Great from a usability perspective as well as from your wallet, since you don't longer have to pay per login!

push message

Out of the box flows for self-service and error handling

Users can easily change settings such as changing PIN, Switching on/off Biometrics and Switching on/off Push messages. Switching your mobile phone? Devices can easily be linked and unlinked. 
In all flows of the app error handling is included. Onegini supports almost 40 different error messages with a focus on self-service. Does the customer need more help? Additional support routes towards the website and customer service desk is possible as well.

error handling

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Next generation passwordless login: creating a better and safer digital world