Salesforce Authenticator

Stringent regulations and the growing pressure of data security compliances are driving the demand for multifactor authentication (MFA) market. Unlike other authenticators, this app can be branded to the corporate style of the Salesforce customers!
Forget worrying about providing the authentication your customers expect, providing a secure customer experience, strong mobile authentication, and making this all work in a resilient battle-tested package.

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    A ready to use app for iOS & Android, published to the stores
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    Advanced MFA with pin, Face and/or Fingerprint recognition
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    Passwordless registration by QR technology
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    Branded in the customer’s corporate look & feel
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    Multiple user groups: B2C and B2B

NIBC use case

NIBC wanted to offer its customers and business partners strong customer authentication (SCA) to login to Salesforce Financial Cloud using their mobile device as second-factor. They wanted to do this with a mobile app in the NIBC look & feel to prevent dropouts. They also wanted the app to comply with regulations like PSD2 & GDPR and protect their users against increasing cyber threats. To achieve these goals they use the Onegini Salesforce Authenticator as a branded app for strong customer authentication into Salesforce financial cloud.

An app in your corporate look & feel

Research shows that consumers or business partners don’t want to use 3rd party authenticators to login to online Portals or mobile Apps. The Onegini Salesforce Authenticator makes customers happy by providing a very easy to use login solution.
The mobile device is registered by scanning a QR-code within the Salesforce platform. Take a look at the app in the Salesforce Appexchange and find out how you can offer your users an easy to use and secure login and onboarding experience with the lowest dropout rates.

salesforce mfa

Download the Salesforce authenticator brochure

Providing Salesforce users an Authenticator App in their own corporate look & feel