Onegini Mobile Authentication


No SMS/Text or extra tokens needed for secure authentication via the web.

Onegini's mobile security platform provides you with all the security elements needed for creating secure mobile apps such as device registration, mobile login, API security and push authentication. Onegini bridges the security gap between organizations and mobile.

How does Onegini Mobile Authentication work?

Users do not want complicated login procedures when they visit an online portal. Onegini offers a strong authentication solution whereby users receive a push notification whenever a second factor is required. The user only has to click on “Agree” and is then immediately logged in. Users do not have to install anything else because our Push Authentication is integrated within your own mobile app, in your own brand style. Users without a smartphone can use one-time codes via SMS/Text.

Unique to Onegini Mobile Authentication is that your own mobile app is also used as second factor authentication for the web environment. This is irrespective of the login method used by the customer, whether username / password or DigiD. Not only do you offer a customer-friendly solution but you also promote the use of your app.


Applicable to DigiD

Onegini can be used in combination with various login methods so that your users have the best user experience. Example; you can let users log in with a username and password but as soon as confidential data needs to be exposed, a push authentication is executed.

Low operating costs


SMS/Text is not suitable for large scale roll-out to consumers. This is due to:

  • The high cost of an SMS/Text (€0.04 – €0.05 per authentication)
  • The maintenance costs, such as the coupling and uncoupling of mobile numbers and the helpdesk costs.

However, one-time codes via SMS/Text could be used as an alternative if the user is unable to install a mobile app or is temporarily unable to use it.

2-factor authentication for the web

Unlocking data which lies within Risk class II or higher, requires strong authentication usually 2-factor authentication. Two of the three elements, what you know, what you have, who you are, and supplemented in certain cases by where you are, must be used. For example, as well as a username and password an extra authentication is required such as a code via SMS/Text, a TAN list, a device characteristic, or a software token or Push Authentication.

SDK for iOS and Android

To simplify the integration of Onegini into your own application Onegini offers a software development kit (SDK) for iOS and Android. The SDK ensures the security of the integration and means that your app developers do not need to know the complex details of 2-factor authentication and PKI.

Onegini Feature Highlights

Standards     0Auth 2.0,SAML 2.0  
Encryption PKI,AESRSA,X.509
Regulatory frameworks Conforms to the legal guidelines for risk class I and II:UM09
Complaint with Laws and regulations for complete audit-trail
Functionality Push authentication
2-Factor authentication
Step-up authentication
Connecting and disconnecting of devices
API API for integration within existing authentication modules
Self-service API for end users,for example:setting a preference for push or SMS/Text
SDK(Software Development Kit) iOS and Android
Identity Providers Support for DigiD, eRecognition, Social and others
Support Support for, among others, Microsoft ADFS, IBM, CA, Novell and generic
FIM/IAM solutions
Onegini authentication server