No SMS or extra tokens needed for secure authentication via the web

Your customers are increasingly confronted with 2-factor authentication, such as a one-time code via SMS. User friendliness is low and the costs are high, particularly for consumers. As a consequence your customers make less use of your online services. A modern solution must be both user friendly and secure.

Onegini integrates Push in your mobile app

Unique to Onegini Push is that your own mobile app is also used as second factor authenticator for the web environment. This is irrespective of the login method used by the customer, whether username / password, DigiD or any other identity provider. Thus not only do you offer a customer-friendly solution but you also promote the use of your own app.

Is this your challenge?

Do you have a solution ready to offer your customers 2-factor Authentication? Would you like this to be cost-efficient because you have a lot of end users? Do you expose sensitive data over the web or mobile Apps?

What Onegini offers

Your customers receive a push notification to which they need only reply “Accept” or “Deny” in order to log in. No further steps are needed to log in and there are no additional costs. It’s secure due to our use of PKI technology and risk-based engine to prevent abuse.


Why Onegini?

Onegini offers ease of use and security in a single solution that connects seamlessly to your current IT infrastructure. By integrating this within your own mobile app the use of your app is strongly promoted. 

Customer Success

Our top value at Onegini is Customer Success - delighting and amazing our customers with every interaction, across everything we do so they can concentrate on what they do best.

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