APIs and OAuth

Onegini protects access to your enterprise REST APIs

OAuth is becoming the standard for access management with REST APIs. OAuth has the advantage of being lightweight and providing universal access for web, mobile app or any other third party application. Unfortunately, OAuth can also be complex to set up, given the number of actors, token formats, transports, management, logging and security mechanisms required. In particular handling all the user interactions requires a flexible architecture since the number of devices is growing rapidly.


Is this your challenge?

  • Do you need to safely expose REST APIs for mobile apps to the internet?
  • Do you need to provide a secure solution for token management?
  • Does it need to be integrated in your IT landscape and existing IAM solutions?

What Onegini offers

Onegini offers powerful OAuth solutions to handle a range of new security and management challenges. It provides features such as access control, scope and grouping, track and trace, token revocation, dynamic device registration and a secure gateway.


Why Onegini?

At Onegini we succeeded in creating a lightweight, non-intrusive solution to protect your enterprise REST APIs. Onegini is designed to connect the online world to your company securely and effortlessly. This is implemented by using open standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0 and others.

Customer Success

Our top value at Onegini is Customer Success - delighting and amazing our customers with every interaction, across everything we do so they can concentrate on what they do best.

Security and the API Economy business whitepaper