Personal data available anywhere, any time on any device,

E-business is growing rapidly. With the rising popularity of mobile internet and social media, consumers increasingly expect to interact with your company at any time, with any device. At the same time they demand and expect to do so securely and with respect for their privacy.

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Is this your challenge?

You want a mobile application to allow your customers to access your services from any device at any time. But your services contain sensitive personal information and you have to minimize any security risks with respect to the disclosure of data in your web service.

What Onegini offers

With Onegini your customers can access your services securely on any mobile device. Once your customer has registered your mobile app, they can log in using a PIN or fingerprint for extra security. Your mobile application developers do not have to concern themselves with security anymore.

Why Onegini?

Onegini offers a mobile security platform, which can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Our security experts have years of experience in the field of mobile and API security. Aegon, one of the largest financial institutions in the Netherlands, is using our solution for all their mobile applications.

Customer Success

Our top value at Onegini is Customer Success - delighting and amazing our customers with every interaction, across everything we do so they can concentrate on what they do best.