The simplicity of using existing accounts combined with security from Onegini

As a company, you want to reach and engage with your customers to build customer loyalty. You want to securely offer the customer access to various company services. Instead of offering your customer a username and password, you can offer them a choice which social credentials they want to use for logging in. With Onegini your users' external social accounts can be used securely to access your company's services you offer as part of your e-business strategy. This substantially improves the ease of use with which your external users can access your company's services..

Is this your challenge?

You offer a service that needs to be secured with a login. You don’t want your customers to have to remember yet another username / password combination. However, the current Social Login solutions are not secure enough for your service. Respecting your customer’s privacy is important so you don't want to abuse their social account. You want to be compliant with your company’s legal requirements.


Why Onegini?

Onegini Secure Social Login combines social login with the latest security standards so you don’t have to worry about this. As customer privacy is our priority, we don’t gather any information from social accounts. These accounts are only used to log in. When new social identity providers become popular, we will include them immediately.


What Onegini offers

With Onegini, your customers can use social media accounts like LinkedIn, Google or Facebook to log in to your web applications or mobile apps with additional security.

Onegini adds additional security with:

  • Multi-factor authentication: when required we ask for something you have/know/are.
  • Risk-based authentication: when identity fraud is suspected, a step-up method like SMS-codes, PIN, Push Authentication or other is triggered.


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Customer Success

Our top value at Onegini is Customer Success - delighting and amazing our customers with every interaction, across everything we do so they can concentrate on what they do best.