CIAM for health insurance providers

Onegini Connect allows you to take the hassle out of health insurance while providing the security you need. Our frictionless mobile solutions provide consumers a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Key points
  • Break free from Digi-D

    Get the most out of mobile

  • Become GDPR compliant in record time

    Optimize your channels

Get the most out of your mobile apps

Once your customers are online you can only start to take advantage of self-service functionality and showcase your added value. For example, customers love the convenience of submitting their healthcare bills through a mobile app. With Onegini Connect, you can set this up in seconds. We’ll deliver the login experience for mobile. All you need to do is create the reimbursement functionality. Your customer can open the app, identify himself via touch ID and simply take a photo of his invoice. That’s it!

Break free from DigiD

As a health insurance company, you are required to use DigiD authentication when your customers log in. This is a cumbersome and costly process since it uses text message authentication as a second factor. Moreover, customers frequently forget their login details (1.3 million passwords are being reset every year!) and give up on digital registration altogether. This restricts your options to roll-out cost-saving innovations like self-service. Onegini Connect has found a way to minimize you and your customers’ exposure to DigiD while still providing the security you need. After their first registration, customers can create a personal PIN code or use biometrics to log in, so they don’t have to repeat the DigiD process. That way, Onegini Connect will save you considerable handling and operating costs and significantly improve the customer experience.

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Becoming GDPR-compliant in record time

CIAM is a great way to get your privacy and security processes in line with GDPR requirements. With Onegini Connect, you will never have to question the cyber security or GDPR compliance of your apps and online platforms again. Onegini Connect offers top-notch security and facilitates data portability, the right to be forgotten, transparency and reporting. We follow every regulatory development and constantly adapt our platform to ensure you can stay compliant at all times.

The Internet of Things: a healthy place to be

The Internet of Things is an abudance of health-related devices and applications, offering endless opportunities for you to engage customers, boost loyalty, and set yourself apart through innovation. But it usually takes a lot of time and expense to develop an IoT application and integrate it into your systems. That is why Onegini Connect offers an exclusive IoT marketplace, fully stocked with pre-configured IoT applications. Time to start experimenting!

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Professional CIAM support for health insurance companies 

Competition in the health insurance sector is stiff. Our CIAM experts are happy to advise you about the best CIAM applications to differentiate yourself and cut costs. We offer advisory and operational services as well as app development and onboarding assessments to make sure Onegini Connect gives you the best possible results.

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