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Health insurance


The health insurance industry is heavily regulated to keep data safe. Not being up to date with the latest laws and regulations can greatly impact your reputation and result in fines. But staying up to date can be troublesome and time-consuming.


Customer-centricity will be key to success. However, a lot of health insurance providers struggle to onboard their customers. With a customer-centric onboarding process that’s simple and easy to use, you can decrease drop-outs by 40%.


Connectivity is a big issue for any future-proof insurance provider, but especially when it comes to the most personal subject of all: people’s health. Staying in touch with your customers, team, and contacts will not only improve their experience but also increases upsell opportunities.

Fraud & security

Most health insurance providers are so wary of the consequences of a security breach that they hesitate to take the digital plunge. This is understandable since healthcare organizations experience 340% more security incidents than the average industry. How can you ensure that your data stays secure in a digital environment?

Saving costs

Health insurance companies face a lot of pressure to keep overheads and premiums down. The lack of an efficient online platform leads to a lot of customer calls and letters. Dealing with these is costly and takes a long time.

Mobile app

Customers are getting more demanding. To remain relevant and compete in the digital playing field, you need an app that’s user-friendly, works native and is linked to the web portal, offers a safe environment, and minimizes security risks by allowing you to intervene in case of calamities. 

Data aggregation

Knowledge is power, and data is knowledge – if you know how to handle it. Healthcare organizations process an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. But how do you use this data efficiently and intelligently?


As a Dutch health insurance provider, you are required to use DigiD authentication when your customers log in. This is a cumbersome and costly process since it uses text message authentication as a second factor.

The advantages

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    Lower customer service costs
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    Compliant and future-proof
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    No need for DigiD

How do we solve it?

The health insurance industry chooses Onegini because of our unique mobile solution and end-to-end mobile security platform. Onegini makes logging in safe and easy for everyone (including the elderly) and allows simple transactions to be facilitated in a digital, secure environment (like the claims functionality in the VGZ app).

Features and functionality

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    API-based user enrollment in app
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    Full support for bringing your own identity
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    All device security (jailbreak, root & debug detection, prevention of tampering & code lifting)
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    Fully configurable level of assurance

Integrating with a low-code app

So, you’ve got a great product and are ready to go to market. Except there’s one thing missing: a secure and original app. No two apps are ever the same, but your customers nowadays expect the highest standards before downloading an app. Why not combine a seamless customer experience with the type of technology that keeps your customers’ data safe and sound? After all, their data security is one of your top 3 priorities when it comes to serving your customers.

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Mobile Identity & Access

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous, playing an integral part in our everyday lives. But they pose new security challenges requiring dedicated solutions. Onegini provides a solution for creating secure mobile consumer apps at a fraction of the time and cost of in-house development. Organizations use Onegini to safeguard customer data, whenever it is retrieved by mobile apps in real-time from existing backend systems.

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    Protecting customer personal data
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    Create the best user experience
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    Deliver fast and secure
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    Feature list
1.1.4 core features (1)-2


Complete customer-centricity is easier when you start from scratch. In every phase of the new VGZ mobile app – from project initiation to migration to new product offerings – the customer came first. The result blew targets away and is a major hit among customers.

“Onegini worked closely with us to develop the right solutions.”
Hugo te Kaat,
Innovation Architect at VGZ


Since the new app and web platform launched in the summer of 2017, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like that they can photograph their health bills and send them directly to Univé from their mobile phones. But they also have insight into their remaining co-payments and the status of their non-life claims. Even better, the app helps them locate a doctor for a second opinion, or a repair shop in their neighborhood. “While there’s still some work to do to fully optimize the Univé platforms, we’ve established a very strong baseline for further development.”


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