CIAM for insurance companies

CIAM has a lot to offer the insurance industry, from future-proofing business models to facilitating GDPR compliance. With numerous large insurance providers among its clients, Onegini has the industry insight to help you maximize the benefits of CIAM for your organization.

Key points
  • Meet the demands of today's customer

    Get existing customers online

  • Create a frictionless experience

    GDPR compliance in record time

Meeting modern customer demands

Modern insurance customers want to be connected, social, informed, and self-reliant. They seek out new experiences and want to be heard. They expect to be able to contact you 24/7 on any digital channel to get an up-to-date overview of their cover. Most insurance providers are not yet ready to meet these digital demands. Onegini Connect can help you get there.

Why take your business online?

A digital customer is more loyal, easier and cheaper to communicate with, and will interact more with your service offering. But that is not all. Once your customers are online you can seduce them to use a self-service platform, which will save you significant costs while allowing you to personalize your service. Moreover, it facilitates more efficient, personal and scalable marketing efforts, saving cost and increasing conversion.

Customer onboarding with external identities

The first problem insurance companies face is how to bring an offline customer online. In IT-speak, we call this onboarding. Onegini Connect offers accessible and secure onboarding methods for any customer group. For example, you can invite customers to sign up for your app or web platform using an existing external identity. You can choose to use social accounts (Facebook, Google), public eID such as IDIN or DigiD (health insurance), or take them to their new account with a personalized QR code.

Aegon Idin screenshot Mobile Aegon iPhone 6  screenshot

Create a frictionless omni-channel experience

Customers typically use different devices to contact their insurance company. That is why it’s important to offer a fully integrated omni-channel experience. With Onegini Connect, you can let customers complete claims forms and upload invoices or pictures any way they like: we will design the customer journey for maximum ease of use, whether they use their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Secure access for agents and brokers

Customers aren’t the only people you need to connect with. Insurance agents, brokers, and branch offices need to be in the loop too, along with all their employees. But that means managing user access and authorizations for each person. Just imagine how streamlined your process would be if you could delegate these tasks with a single click, but still have a central overview. That is why Onegini Connect offers delegated user management. You simply choose a superuser for each office and let them do the rest.

The Internet of Things on a silver platter

The Internet of Things is the perfect playground for insurance companies. It offers so many opportunities to engage customers, boost loyalty, and set yourself apart through innovation. If only R&D wasn’t so expensive and time-consuming… Onegini Connect has the answer: it offers a fully stocked IoT marketplace with pre-configured IoT applications. With Onegini Connect, you can start experimenting in a matter of days without the development cost.

IoT with Onegini

Professional CIAM support for insurance providers

Looking to get the most out of your CIAM solution? Our CIAM experts are happy to advise you about the best applications for your needs. We offer advisory and operational services as well as app development and onboarding assessments to make sure you get the best possible value out of Onegini Connect.

Becoming GDPR-compliant in record time

CIAM is also a great way to get your privacy and security processes in line with GDPR requirements. With Onegini Connect, you will never have to question the cyber security or GDPR compliance of your apps and online platforms again. Onegini Connect offers top-notch security and facilitates data portability, the right to be forgotten, transparency and reporting. We follow every regulatory development and constantly adapt our platform to ensure you can stay compliant at all times.

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