Onegini Intuitive Secure Banking

This is the age of the connected consumer

Mobility is at the center of a technology- driven revolution which is inspiring these connected lifestyles. Research by a leading analyst firm indicates that mobile banking users will exceed 1.8 Billion by 2019, representing a quarter of the global adult population. As the banking industry struggles with the challenges of non- traditional competition and changing customer preferences, banks are counting on their mobility investments to drive business growth and to achieve customer centricity. However the reality today is, most banks are struggling to keep pace with the sheer velocity of mobile innovations. On the one hand, there are constant additions to mobile devices and mobile form factors. And, on the other, the pace of adoption of these new devices has accelerated. Besides, customers expect a banking experience that’s on par or better than other industries. Unfortunately, most banks are saddled with silo-based mobile applications leading to inadequate inter-channel communications and disparate processes. What banks need today, is a solution that’s designed to offer extreme agility to keep pace with consumer expectations, and technology advancements.


Finacle Mobile Banking

The Finacle Mobile Banking solution offers an intuitive and secure, banking and payment experience to retail, corporate and SME customers. The solution delivers banking on a variety of mobile platforms, devices, and access modes.
The solution enables your institution to delight customers with a broad range of differentiated service capabilities such as speech based payments, touch ID based biometric authentication, augmented reality, personalized onboarding through QR codes, and mobile remote deposit capture.
Leveraging Finacle’s unique omnichannel hub, the solution seamlessly integrates with disparate enterprise systems to deliver true cross-channel capabilities. The solution offers ‘code-it-once and launch-it-across-platforms’ with ‘direct app update’ capabilities for rapid deployment of apps across mobile operating systems.

Samsung SDS FIDO Solution

The integration of Samsung SDS FIDO solution with Finacle banking solutions will offer greater ease, additional payment options and more security for customers using Samsung Galaxy devices as well as other selected OEMs. This advanced authentication and payment solution will address major industry concerns including the proliferation of smart devices, the resulting explosion in data and enhancing the customer user experience as a whole. As financial services consumers demand faster and easier ways to transfer money and make payments, traditional security solutions require advanced forward thinking digital solutions to capture vital consumer trust. The solution will address the needs across the globe, from the unbanked to youth banking – all of whom demand accessibility and speed when managing their unique financing requirements. Samsung SDS FIDO is built on FIDO specifications which is the de facto standard for simpler and stronger biometric authentication technology. Users can simply , scan their fingerprint, use facial recognition or other biometric authenticators such as voice and iris detection to complete a payment or transaction in a secure and frictionless way replacing traditional entry of user ID, password and TAN.

Onegini Mobile Security Platform

The integration of Onegini mobile security platform with Finacle banking solutions will allow banks to provide their customers enhanced security to access and transact across channels. Using this solution, banks can offer customers an option to select advanced authentication methods, including fingerprint, facial, eye and voice recognition as well as multi-factor authentication for added security as they transact on devices. The end-user will be presented different authentication methods depending on device, location and type of transaction.

Functional highlights

  • Customer financial dashboard
  • Funds transfers
  • Bill presentment and payments
  • Beneficiary and biller management
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Prepaid mobile recharge
  • Choice of authentication mechanisms
  • Augmented reality based features
  • ATM and bank branch locator
  • Person-to-person and person-to- merchant payments
  • Graphical product simulators
  • Personalization features
  • Social media integration
  • Banking on wearables (integration with smart watches)
  • Actionable in-app alerts and notifications
  • PUSH notifications for mobile marketing
  • Personal financial management
  • Smart context sensitive marketing
  • Remote advisory through audio/ video chat, co-browsing
  • Corporate payment workflows

Key features

Seamless multichannel banking

The solution leverages the Finacle omnichannel hub to enable seamless banking experiences across all customer touch-points. It allows you to centralize customer preferences, entitlements and business rules to deliver unified service experience across banking channels. Responsive UI design to deliver exceptional experience across devices Built leveraging the latest client-side technologies, the solution provides flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to any screen across devices (smartphones and tablets), platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and access modes (SMS, USSD, mobile Web, downloadable apps). The solution also supports, Web and hybrid apps.

Advanced architecture

Finacle Mobile Banking enables you to accelerate innovation and continuously deliver new features efficiently. The platform ensures up-to-date support for the latest devices and over-the-air updates to continuously roll-out new capabilities to users. It also enables real-time debug for customer care, operational and device intelligence, and offline HTML storage with data across networks. The solution offers robust security features such as code obfuscation, remote disable, device and user ID coupling, offline authentication and risk based authentication. The deployment architecture offers significant capabilities to support on premise, hosted and cloud based deployment models, with bank-specific user experiences and localizations.

Advanced security

The solution addresses all aspects of mobile banking security at both the application and transaction layers. Features such as SSL and cryptography, offline authentication, out of band authorization, and multifactor and risk based authentication, along with regular security audits, help you deliver a secure banking experience across channels.

Unified platform for retail, SME & corporate customers

Finacle Mobile Banking provides a unified banking platform for your retail, small and medium enterprises and corporate customers, with a comprehensive feature suite providing unique value propositions for all customer segments.




Infosys Finacle - Samsung SDS

Infosys Finacle

Finacle is the industry-leading universal banking solution from EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys. The solution helps financial institutions develop deeper connections with stakeholders, power continuous innovation and accelerate growth in the digital world. Today, Finacle is the choice of banks across 92 countries and serves over 848 million customers – nearly 16.5 percent of the world’s adult banked population. Finacle solutions address the core banking, e-banking, mobile banking, CRM, payments, treasury, origination, liquidity management, Islamic banking, wealth management, and analytics needs of financial institutions worldwide. Assessment of the top 1000 world banks reveals that banks powered by Finacle enjoy 50 percent higher returns on assets, 30 percent higher returns on capital, and 8.1 percent points lesser costs to income than others.

Advanced architecture

Samsung SDS is a global information and communication technology (ICT) service provider, striving to help customers increase their competitiveness by offering optimal ICT services. Its services are customized for customer business environments and leverage the most knowledgeable professionals and proven, innovative technologies. Samsung SDS is specialized in infrastructure construction, network services, business consulting, manufacturing IT, distribution IT, education IT, medical IT, security, mobility, cloud, and analytics based on its vast experience and accumulated technological capabilities.



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