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Amsterdam - 08 & 09 October 2018 - Taets Art and Events Park

Nextstep in a nutshell

Each year, IT leaders, executives, industry giants, and forward-thinkers from around the globe gather in sell-out crowds at NextStep, the premier event for digital transformation and low-code development. See how low-code digital factories are transforming traditional development.

Meet Onegini if you want to accelerate with secure mobile apps

Onegini and Outsystems are partnering to build secure B2C mobile apps for banks and insurers including strong authentication and mobile login.

When do you need strong authentication and mobile login for mobile apps? Visit Onegini for the answer and the how to's!

Do you want to schedule a meeting with us or do you want to attend the conference? Give us a shout. Often we offer free tickets or against a discounted rate.

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