Webinar: Second Factor Authentication

in your Liferay environment

Create the safest login experience with the Authenticator App.

Have you wondered just how secure your sensitive information really is? Has Second Factor or Multi Factor Authentication ever crossed your mind? If so, don't miss out on this valuable opportunity designed to give you more insight into:

  • Why is an authenticator app essential?
  • How to choose the best user-journey?
  • How is GDPR related to this?

Your customers can reach out to you requesting assistance. How can you securely verify the identity of a customer over the telephone? Security questions are no longer considered a safe verification step.

Usernames and passwords are a vulnerable form of access. They can also be frustrating for customers. Second Factor Authentication such as facial recognition or fingerprint technology may be the right choice for your business.

Onegini's Authenticator App is user-friendly, easily deployed, and robust enough to continue working when then number of end-users increase. It can be customized to incorporate the authentic look & feel of your website to accurately reflect your company's brand. Specifically designed for consumer use, the Authenticator App is suitable for universities, health insurance companies, financial applications and so on. 

Discover a seamless and secure login experience for your customers. Sign up for our webinar on April 11th. Second Factor is the future, discover the benefits for your organization

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This webinar was recorded on April 11th, 2018