Save time micro-managing your external agents and independent branch offices

Key points

  • iconDelegated user management for agents and brokers
  • iconAutomated access management
  • iconTransparent activity logging
  • icon Fully customizable dashboard

Delegate permissions to agents & brokers

Onegini Connect makes delegated user management easy. From your central dashboard, you can assign permissions to each of your broker or agent offices. You can then appoint one or more superusers for each office, who will be free to assign permissions and authorizations to each person working at their office.

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    Entirely customizable interface
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    Give your advisors freedom while staying in control
  • icon
    Manage your distribution network
  • icon
    Limits access, data visibility, and minimizes risk
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    Single sign-on: everything from Onegini CIM

Fully customizable dashboard

The Onegini Connect delegated user management dashboard is fully customizable to the look and feel of your brand. If you’d prefer to incorporate the dashboard functionality into an existing environment, we’ll give you all the APIs you need to create a dashboard that works for you.


Once authorizations have been assigned, access management can be a time-consuming hassle. To save time and prevent frustration, Onegini Connect uses APIs to link the user management feature to relevant software and database applications in your organization. That way, as soon as you or your superuser have assigned an authorization, the end user can instantly access the relevant applications and start working without getting IT involved.


Start delegating your user management

Onegini Connect can help you delegate your user management. If you tell us about your situation, we’d be happy to demonstrate our hassle-free solution. Contact us today to get started!

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