Onegini Mobile SDK

Onegini is a complete solution for managing your customer’s authorizations. It provides a comprehensive security token server that integrates with enterprise identity and access management systems based on the latest Web and API security standards such as OAuth 2.0. With Onegini, companies and users can interact by securely sharing data between different applications, and allow users to approve applications to act on their behalf without sharing passwords.

Including Push Authentication

Onegini's mobile security platform provides you with all the security elements needed for creating secure mobile apps such as device registration, mobile login, API security and push authentication. Onegini bridges the security gap between organizations and mobile.

The Mobile SDK offers all security features out of the box to your mobile app developers so you have the freedom to select any mobile front-end developer of your choice

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Device and user registration process
  • User authentication with PIN, Voice, Eye and Fingerprint
  • User log out
  • Change PIN
  • User-deregister functionality
  • Secure resource calls including encryption
  • Multi-profile
  • Mobile authentication support with secure push message
  • Secure push message with PIN / biometric authentication

The Onegini Mobile SDK
consists of the following:

Mobile SDK Security Features

  • Certificate Pinning
  • Enforce TLS
  • White listing Endpoints
  • Encryption of authentication- / registrationdata
  • Payload encryption
  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Proof-of-Possession
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Hardening
  • Code obfuscation and protecting against reverse engineering
  • Prevent tampering and code-lifting
  • Actively Prevents Key Discovery
  • Data Obfuscation
  • Forced upgrade