Mobile Security Platform

Bank Grade Mobile Security at a fraction of your current cost

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous, playing an integral part in our everyday lives. But they pose new security challenges requiring dedicated solutions.

Onegini's mobile security platform provides you with all the elements needed for creating secure mobile apps such as device registration, mobile login, API security and second factor authentication. Onegini bridges the security gap between organizations and mobile. The platform provides flexibility to login with QR, PIN, Push, Fingerprint and other Biometrics.

You are in control

Mobile has become the primary way to engage with customers. Modern technologies and conventions like PSD2 and GDPR have put a lot of requirements on organizations and development teams. Today, customers expect to conveniently do business at any time, from anywhere, trusting the app to be secure and putting them in control. With this in mind, it is imperative for any business to engage with their customers they have come to expect while you remain in control. With the mobile security platform you can provide PIN, Fingerprint, QR and biometrics solutions securely at a fraction of the development costs. 

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Mobile Security Platform Features

  • QR, PIN and Biometrics authentication
  • Second factor login
  • Device security
  • Data security
  • Mobile identity management
  • Building trust
  • Build and deploy at scale
  • Future proof

The Mobile Security Platform

  • native iOS and Android SDK
  • handle millions of mobile users during peak loads
  • support for all industry standards

Developing customer-facing apps that allow secure access to personal data is complex and time-consuming. Initiatives, often scattered among diverse technology platforms, security standards and organizational units, have given rise to a new generation of costly technology silos. How can enterprises deliver apps successfully - while becoming more innovative, productive and customer focused? 

When you allow a user to use a PIN or fingerprint to access customer data, or to digitally sign a transaction, you need to take care of a lot of technical and legal challenges. A trust relation is built after a sequence of events that confirm the identity of the end-user. Only after confirmation is the end-user allowed to perform certain transactions. When services are open to the rest of the world and end-user devices are untrusted and sometimes insecure, you need to make sure everything is taken care of. You need a system that monitors the trust levels of all connected apps and devices continuously. 

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