Mobile Security Platform

Your Customer Mobile App: Bank Grade Security at a fraction of your current cost

Onegini's mobile security platform provides you with all the security elements needed for creating secure mobile apps such as device registration, mobile login, API security and push authentication. Onegini bridges the security gap between organizations and mobile.

Protecting Customer Personal Data

Mobile has become the primary way to engage with customers. Beyond simple marketing, organizations increasingly take advantage of apps to increase revenue. Mobile apps have revolutionized customer engagement. Today, customers expect to do business at any time, from anywhere - and above all - at the touch of a finger, trusting the app to be secure. With this in mind, it is imperative for any business to engage with their customers in a secure and efficient way. It is essential to protect your customer personal data because these methods of engagement directly drive revenue and impact brand value.

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The Onegini Mobile Security Platform Features & Benefits

  • Authenticationt
  • Secure messaging
  • Device security
  • Data security
  • Mobile identity management
  • Building trust
  • Build and deploy at scale
  • Future proof
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The Mobile Security Platform:

Is device agnostic.

Is a platform designed to handle millions of mobile users.

Offers support for all the mobile authentication and industry standards.

Developing customer-facing apps that allow secure access to personal data is complex and time-consuming. Initiatives, often scattered among diverse technology platforms, security standards and organizational units, have given rise to a new generation of costly technology silos. How can enterprise deliver apps successfully - and become more innovative, more productive, more customer-focussed? By embracing a new approach, one that employs a common architecture, open standards and a modular framework for creating, implementing and running secure mobile consumer apps.

At the core, we are about building trust between end-users and your organization. A trust relation is built after a sequence of events that confirm the identity of the end-user. Only after confirmation is the end-user allowed to perform certain transactions. Getting there in a disconnected world can be very complex, because your services are open to the rest of the world and end-user devices are untrusted and sometimes insecure. The core of Onegini is our Trust & Token service, which constantly monitors the trust levels of all connected apps and devices. More than 50 different thresholds are constantly monitored.

Features we Provide

Take full advantage of the Onegini features

Secure software development, audits and standardization are important.
Mobile Login
Users would like to log in using a PIN code instead of username and password.
Prevent Token Abuse
Token abuse will become a risk. Onegini includes features to minimize token abuse
Full API Security
Protect your APIs using OAuth tokens with minimal impact on your IT infrastructure.
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