Onegini Identity Cloud - Core Features

Access Management

The way your customers access your online services can make or break their success. After all, clients expect a smooth and hassle-free experience. When they first sign up, they may be a little more tolerant of security requirements, but they will certainly not have the patience to jump through hoops every time they want to access your online environment. That is why Onegini Identity Cloud supports a range of features to make access a completely frictionless experience for your customers.

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    Single Sign-On (SSO) with support for modern standards
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    Supported social logins & eID's
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    Strong authentication (MFA)
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    Out of the box functionalities for user self-service

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The ideal online environment presents users with as few obstacles as possible. Ideally, it would have only one point of access to navigate multiple domains and applications, or several brands under the same parent company. With single sign-on, you can offer your customers fast, secure and seamless access to your online services with just a single login of their choice. Even if the user needs access to and from several different devices. Onegini Identity Cloud offers flexible SSO solutions that will support your modern identity strategy from SAML, Open ID Connect to mobile SSO. This very popular feature is the reason many of our clients use Onegini Identity Cloud for their access management.

Smooth the process with social logins and eIDs

To further facilitate easy access for your users, Onegini Identity Cloud allows your clients to log in to your online environment using existing social media accounts such as Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, or other external identities. Of course you can customize which information you gather from these profiles to protect your customer’s privacy. The application will always ask the user for their consent and tell them why you need to access this information, in line with GDPR requirements.

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Out of the box functionalities for user self-service

So many users, so many situations and preferences. That is why the Onegini Identity Clouds access management solution allows users to take the reins, providing fine-grained controls to manage, share and audit data about themselves, their devices, and their needs. Onegini Identity Cloud allows you to create intuitive, user-friendly customer journeys that meet all of your security requirements and will minimize the customer support capacity taken up by repetitive access-management tasks. With our solution, you can allow users to independently:

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    Register and validate their registration
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    Retrieve a username or password
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    Change their email address
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    Change their password
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    Add or change and validate their mobile phone number
Mijn Aegon

Notifications help promote your app

There is another benefit to the use of push authentication: all users need is your own mobile app as a second authentication factor for the web environment. This will encourage them to install and use the app.  Users work with a login method of the user’s choice, from biometrics to passwords or even government-issued digital identities like DigiD or itsme. Users who do not have a smartphone can still use single-use codes received through sms / push notification.

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Strong authentication in line with STORK and regulations

Aside from making things as easy as possible for your online users, you also need to offer them top-notch security. With Onegini Identity Cloud, you can create an authentication process based on your unique requirements and add layers of additional security as and when you need them. For example, an existing customer who is simply browsing your online environment to check out your new products does not require the same level of authentication as someone who wants to change their bank details in your system. To step up the security level, you could request additional authentication for certain actions by sending the user a push notification to be confirmed with a code or fingerprint. This will help minimize disruption to the customer experience. Onegini Identity Clouds authentication is in line with STORK and other national and international regulations.

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