Whitelabel authenticator app

Despite the clear need, many companies still struggle to implement 2FA or MFA because most solutions currently on the market were not designed for use by consumers. They are not user-friendly, do not let you customize the look and feel to fit in with your brand identity, and are expensive to use at scale. This makes them unsuitable for use by universities, health insurance companies, or in financial applications.

Onegini’s Whitelabel Authenticator is different. It was specifically designed for consumer use, and offers a range of customizable options to suit your business requirements. That is why companies like accounting software firm Minox and mental healthcare provider Philadelphia chose this solution; it meets all of their needs.

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    Designed for consumers
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    GDPR & PSD2 compliant
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    Branded app in your own look & feel
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    Many authentication methods: QR code, push authentication, pin code, fingerprint or face recognition
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    Extensive security

How does it work

Onegini offers ready-to-use apps that can easily be customizedto your business needs:
✔ You will have your own authenticator app in the App store/Google Play with your own logo
✔ You decide the workflow: the way customers register and authenticate using QR codes, push authentication, pin codes, fingerprints or face recognition

✔ You decide the look & feel
✔ You can depend on Onegini’s extensive security and privacy experience, trusted by banks, healthcare, and insurance companies all over the world
✔ In the long term, you can always integrate your Onegini solution into proprietary apps and platforms as your online strategy matures.

Entrepreneurs on the go want fast, reliable and easy solutions to manage their banking and accounting. So when Minox developed a mobile app solution called Bizcuit, they needed bank-level security and full PSD2 compliance. Minox chose Onegini’s Whitelabel authentication app to ensure top secure authentication with a single fingerprint. Users can review, approve and conduct banking transactions across multiple banks without ever opening their banking apps. Together with Onegini, Minox is offering the first PSD2-compliant way for entrepreneurs to accelerate their administration.


Download the Onegini Whitelabel Authenticator app brochure

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