Fully integrated apps, built to order

Looking to develop new apps for your Onegini Connect landscape? Onegini's app development center is here to help. Our teams will build you a fully integrated, user-friendly app that meets all the latest security standards.

Key points
  • Onegini Connect security foundation

    Meets the latest security standards

Build your apps on a secure foundation

As every IT architect knows, project-based app development is a breeding ground for potential security threats. This secure-as-you-go approach has caused many great companies to end up with a confusing patchwork of security measures. Onegini’s app development center is here to help. Our expert developers will build the app you need using the security foundation provided by Onegini Connect, which is constantly updated to meet the latest security standards. That way, your app security is always fully in line with your CIAM security environment.

Specialist app development expertise

Designing and developing secure mobile apps requires scarce, in-depth security expertise combined with fluent knowledge of several programming languages (Swift and Android). Our developers, testers and project managers have the skills and expertise to meet these specialist requirements. They can build apps based on native Onegini platforms or use external platforms like Mendix, Liferay, Cordova, and Xamarin.

Onegini-Mobile-Security-Platform screenshot

Accessibility meets security

At Onegini, we understand the importance of a smooth customer experience. That is why our app development center specializes in user-friendly, accessible apps. At the same time, our clients in the finance and insurance industry often deal with sensitive private or confidential information. To meet their strict security and privacy requirements, we typically build in layers of security that can be deployed as and when they are needed.

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Tell us what you need

Want to build an app? We’re happy to help. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll develop it for you!