Find out where you stand and find the right approach to getting your customers online

Key points

  • iconProgressive profiling for maximum conversion
  • iconMultiple onboarding flows
  • iconUser migration options
  • icon Adding value with profiling

Better onboarding = more online customers

Businesses know it’s important to get their customers online, but often struggle to achieve this. In the planning phase, they typically focus on all the amazing activities customers can do once they have an account, ironically overlooking a key moment: the process of getting a customer to create an account and start using it, also known as onboarding. This can lead to haphazard onboarding processes, security issues, and teething problems in the customer experience, causing many people to miss out on your online channels. With our onboarding assessment, you will find out where things are going wrong and how to fix them.

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    Get your customers online
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    Onboarding process
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    Customer experience

How it works

  • Desk analysis: we chart the current onboarding process from the perspective of strategy, organization, channel resource allocation, architecture security, reporting, and optimization.
  • Interview sessions to verify the situation and gather insight into your strategic goals.
  • Two inspiring workshops to define the goals from all perspectives.
  • Drafting a roadmap for a successful onboarding process, tailored to your needs.

onboarding flow

Do I need an onboarding assessment?

You should consider doing an onboarding assessment if:

  • Your onboarding is behind schedule
  • Optimizations have little effect and best practices are lacking
  • You struggle to find the balance between usability, compliance & security
  • You need input for a business case, RFI or RFP
  • You need a plan of attack

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