Hosting, maintenance and service

Once you've purchased Onegini Connect, your new platform will need to be maintained and managed. We are happy to help. That's why we offer various levels of maintenance, service, and hosting, so you can choose the type of support that suits your organization.

Key points
  • Onegini Connect as SaaS

    Hosting in a private cloud

Software maintenance

By its very nature, Onegini Connect interacts with lots of external software. As this external software evolves, we need to update our own software to make sure they continue to interact as they should. And we may even get a chance to capitalize on new opportunities. By entering into a software maintenance agreement with Onegini, we will make sure that your Onegini Connect is updated regularly so your integration with external applications stays intact. Software maintenance forms the basis for our other support packages.

Managed service

In addition to maintaining your software, we can also help you install and manage your software at a location of your choice. This will ensure that your platform is maintained in a professional way. We will typically perform health checks, trend analysis, security controls, deployments of server components, and smoke and regression testing. Our managed service agreement is a popular option among our clients, especially in the first year. It is offered exclusively in conjunction with the software maintenance agreement.

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Hosting in a private cloud

Need secure hosting for your software and data? We can also offer Onegini Connect as a SaaS. That means your platform will be hosted in a private cloud exclusive to your company. Hosting security is provided through the cloud, so you won’t need to make any in-house arrangements. We will take care of the related tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Hosting services*
  • DDOS prevention
  • Database maintenance
  • Back-up and restore
  • Disaster recovery
  • Managing certificates

*Hosting is only offered in conjunction with the software maintenance agreement.