IoT marketplace for insurance

Connected home solutions, connected cars and many others are IoT (internet of Things) solutions fundamentally change what consumers know and how they interact with insurers. These devices will help you minimize risk while enhancing the customer engagement. The landscape is changing and growing rapidly. How can you offer personalized services to connect IoT to your existing infrastructure? How can you personalise IoT while at the same time comply with regulations like GDPR?  How to provide a solution that is truly secure? Don't start experimenting while you can benefit from Onegini Connect. 

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Choose any pre-installed vendor from the marketplace

Onegini already supports many vendors, which you can use without investment. This accelerates your time to market. Offers true value by translating these IoT services to relevant data.

  • Connected cars improve road safety. Enable these connections directly to warn your customers when car tires or wipers are worn and whenever batteries are gone.
  • Connect Homes help to prevent water leakage with, use smoke detectors and home security.
  • Life insurance to promote a healthy lifestyle

Increase relevancy towards your customers using your mobile app or website

Allow your users to directly use their devices when you enable them in your admin interface. With Onegini Connect, the IoT services are enabled directly in your mobile apps. 

  • IoT devices are connected through your mobile app or website
  • Personal data is stored GDPR compliant
  • Increase interaction and improve your relevance to end users

Each IoT Service provides insight

Pilots provide insight. Use the knowledge and best practices gained from other projects and get insights. In the screenshot you see the insights for a pilot using

  • How many users install an IoT device?
  • How do they do compare to other users?
  • Do you actually gain anything?



LeakBot pilot program

LeakBot spots small hidden leaks before they become a big problem. Hidden leaks often go unnoticed until it’s too late and, its these tiny persistent leaks that typically go on to cause extensive damage to homes. LeakBot is a smart water leak alarm that solves this issue by being able to spot small hidden leaks early. A single LeakBot device has the ability to monitor the whole home’s mains plumbing system, detecting the smallest escapes of water, from a dripping tap to a leaky washing machine.

Onegini is excited to offer a solution that provices home insurers with more services to their customers. Evolving and enhancing the customer experience whilst reducing claims and costs for our partners. The platform supports a wide range of other IoT solutions for the insurance market, making your future pilots easy! Learn more about our pilot program with Leakbot by filling out the form below. 

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