Multi-Factor Authentication

If you don't offer second factor login, consumers will find a service that does

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Why you should choose Onegini?

Our customers chose Onegini, because it offers an easy and secure solution with a QR code and / or Push Message
The solution can be integrated in your own app or you can brand our authenticator app

Hardware tokens are more expensive and less convenient...
Google Authenticator or similar solutions like Authy only work well for technical people...
DUO's licensing is not affordable for large organizations 
SMS is a lot less secure and more expensive than you think...


Onegini offers a better consumer experience, affordable and secure

Some choose to completely replace the username and password with QR or Push.
Would you? Read further and decide for yourself...

QR code or Push


Second Factor Options.jpg


Choose which methods your like best or you just provide both...

QR in action

The user scans a QR code to login.

Second factor or login?
In the video example, the solution is used to completely replace the username / password form.
Too much too soon? You can also choose to show the QR code after validating username and password. 

Push in action

Use a push message to replace the login or as a second factor authentication.
In the above video we use a regular push message where a user confirms or denies the login.
The push message can be combined with a PIN, fingerprint or any other biometric solution for even better security. 

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