Industries are moving forward. Gartner even mentioned, "Today's competition is not about the product, it is about the service offering & customer experience".

Enterprises were offering their services primarily via web, phone and email. In the last years, enterprises heavily invested in mobile and social. And as of today, enterprises are adopting new channels as chat, chatbot (conversational commerce) in their channel strategy to serve their customer base.  

However, what is the role of for instance chatbots within the digital landscape of channels? And to handle a customer job, what does this mean for managing the digital identity over channels?

Mart Vissers (Head of Marketing & previous Digital Manager Delta Lloyd) and Mathijs Brand (Product Manager Onegini Connect) will get you up to speed in this 30-minute webinar and provide the following takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • How customer journey's developed from 1 channel towards multi-channel nowadays
  • Customer interactions will become a conversational experience. How to manage the digital identity over channels
  • Inspiration: How to leverage a health insurance app and unburden username fatigue on web
  • Demo: the next big thing. Embracing conversational commerce to accelerate self-service via chat & chatbot

Watch the recording of this webinar